Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peas Poking Through...

Last night the sound of some mysterious creature compelled me to throw on my shoes, grab a flashlight and go outside. I found 2 beautiful peacocks on the neighbors roof, they weren't the colorful kind, but they let out the craziest sounds somewhere between a goose, a wild cat and a crow. They were back this morning so I'm going to search them out again. A radical change from bears and deer.
Back to my little garden. It is criminally slow, and I am not the most patient cultivator. If the sun would shine a little more and the rain cease there might be more action. Can't blame the seeds for staying below the surface.
You learn to appreciate the beauty in small things when you spend a few minutes outdoors. Like the moss growing randomly on the dead tree stump or how my concrete heron who think he's real, stands guard over the garden.

Or, how the light hits the wet wood on the chair and bench my dh put together for me just because i asked him!In fact, he had so much fun creating that he built 5 of them and now I have them situated throughout the yard, and I love them.
I know you must find pleasure in day to day encounters as well. Challenge yourself to grab your camera and take a few shots of what gives you a reason to be thankful.

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