Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pizza for 2 on a lovely day...

What can I say? Lots! The day started very early with birds singing outside the bedroom window. I always think it's a good sign when birds are happy...the sun might be shining, there might be time for exercise before church or breakfast even. I have decided it doesn't always matter if a meal is fancy to enjoy it. I felt like cereal so I did just that. A bowl of raisin bran, a sprinkle of granola, sliced banana and almond milk and I sat gazing out the window thinking how fortunate I am to live right here, right now. The camellia bush is in full bloom and every other perennial is fighting to open and be seen. The little Japanese Maple is unfurling those beautiful deep burgundy leaves.
Remember yesterday I had the pizza dough (Williams-Sonoma recipe that never fails me) waiting in the fridge? I made a big 14 inch pizza and loaded each half with different toppings. Husband likes meat (beating chest noises here) so I packed it with ham, salami and pepperoni and I (delicate creature that I am) chose red pepper, kalamata olives, fresh tomato, feta and onion. Tossed together a coleslaw with apple, cranberry and standard mayo, sugar and white vinegar dressing topped with lots of fresh Italian parsley.
We had the burn permit and decided to clear the path that goes to the river so there was a lot of heaving and wheezing as we loaded the fire (safely, of course) with branches and debris. I took a little break before I broke a sweat and headed to the garden to put in 2 tomato plants and tidy up the beds. The neighbor cat showed up. This cat is at least 50 lbs, a real slow moving sloth of a cat, who stops every few feet to catch his breath but still manages to find kitty stops in my yard. Annoying. Unfriendly, but I always talk to him as if he would listen or change his mind. It's not happening. I had a few peanuts in my pocket for the chipmunk and a woodpecker decided to tap on the telephone pole. I felt so.. so.. connected with nature. jk, it was a great day. Hope yours was too.
oops my day wouldn't be complete without dessert. Had a big ol peanut butter cookie which is loaded with peanut butter cups and milk chocolate. There, now that concludes my great day! 

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