Friday, February 25, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Well, it's been a while. I have continued baking and cooking and living, But alas, I have not been faithful to my blog. That is about to change! I am back. Committed! My exercise regime is on track, family is well looked after, so no more excuses.
Random note, are you watching Nikita? I love that woman. Are you watching the News, unsettling, troublesome News. Are you putting together food storage as the prices climb into the stratosphere? I have begun to stock some staples, I think it's time.
Do you recall that I have chickens? I lost my wonderful Golden Laced Wyandotte to a hungry coyote. I swear it was a timber wolf, even though the local forestry service said they are rare here. It was too big for a coyote and I was only several feet away from it. Sometimes the circle of life is depressing, especially when the chickens you have are really more like pets. Funny that my Black Australorp chicken turned out to be a rooster and I returned him to my supplier and traded for a sweet female. I receive, amid proud noise and honking, 3 eggs most days. I miss my hen turned rooster but the neighbors are so close they surely would have been annoyed. I love all the new by-laws allowing city chicks.

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